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EXPO Virtual has been developed to offer an affordable virtual support option to face-to-face expos. With COVID-19 causing uncertainty around the future of large-scale live events, EXPO Virtual delivers an affordable online option and business support channel for businesses everywhere.

More people are spending time online during COIVID-19 and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. EXPO Virtual is the perfect vehicle to create engagement with potential customers who are seeking solutions.

WEXPO Virtual features a parade of online stalls where potential customers can browse, engage with stall holders and shop. Generate new leads and meet those difficult-to-reach contacts in difficult times.

All inclusive

Create your custom virtual stall with your own URL and videos at a fraction of the cost of building a website or undertaking expensive marketing campaigns.

WEXPO Virtual is backed by a comprehensive social media campaign reaching almost one million people PLUS promotion via local media outlets.


EXPO Virtual - Benefits

  • Treat yourself to a new experience and meet new people.

  • Want to know how to generate practical ideas that will grow your business? Our stallholders will provide ideas, products and services that drive growth and innovation.

  • Explore a variety of stalls. Meet and network with your connections in the comfort of your own home.

  • Engage online with virtual stall holders for a rapid response to your enquiries.

  • Redeem EXPO Virtual special deals - only available at EXPO Virtual.


Want to create your own stall?

Showcase your products and services. Special pricing from $550PA.
JOIN NOW. The online stall solution
EXPO VIRTUAL offers business owners an affordable opportunity to connect with potential customers with a permanent virtual stall and video presence.

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